Get your trap ‘kicks and subs’ to mesh perfectly – every time

[15-Minute Video Tutorial Explains How]

  • Make Your Low-End Thump!
  • One 15-Minute Video Tutorial
  • Download Video Instantly
  • Get That Iconic “Trap Sound”
  • Perfect Kick & Sub Separation
  • No More Boring Theory, Just Create!
  • Bonus: 3 FREE Pre-Mixed Kick & Sub Combos

Not only does “The Brew” teach you how to make a kick and a sub co-exist, we give you 3 of our favorite “kick and sub” combos as a FREE bonus!

Bonus: 3 FREE Kick & Sub Combos That Never Fail

Use kicks and subs that are made for each other, instead of random kicks and subs that only sound good individually.

As one of the combos, you get the exact kick and sub heard in the video above. AND – the tutorial goes over that exact mix!

Drumkit suppliers never address this serious issue. How many times have you purchased a kit and thought “these kicks and subs are dope!”, but then when you layered them together, nothing worked?

“The Brew” will show you how to make them work, and we will give you 3 of our favorite combos!